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A Dose of Joy and the Stamp of Change; Topanga Canyon Gallery Presents “Plastic Pedals” and “Pentimento”
Yellow Rosa by Moises Mendoza. Image courtesy of the artist

A Dose of Joy and the Stamp of Change; Topanga Canyon Gallery Presents “Plastic Pedals” and “Pentimento” 

Topanga Canyon Gallery is welcoming the spring with an optimist’s rendering of the season by Moises Mendoza, and a group presentation of how art reflects the unavoidable force of change in “Pentimento.” The two shows run three weekends from March 25 through April 10. An outside reception will be held March 26. 

“Plastic Pedals” exhibition by Moises Mendoza explores the feeling of an approaching spring through a super saturated lens. Using the medium of acrylic on wood, his botanical abstractions are rendered with bright, fluorescent colors bound by a thread of warm yellow. The use of yellow has long been associated with happiness and optimism. Mendoza states, “this new series hopes to instill a small dose of joy for the everyday blues.” 

“Pentimento” is a group exhibition representing twenty artists’ interpretations of this Italian term that refers to a visible trace of earlier painting beneath the final layer of paint sometimes revealed over time. In a broader sense it implies the changing of one intention to another and can give the viewer insights into the evolution and thought process involved in the making of a piece of art.

An opening reception for both shows will take place on the outdoor deck on March 26, 4pm – 7pm. The exhibition will run from Mar18 to April 10, Friday 2PM – 7PM, Saturday and Sunday noon – 5PM

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