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Singer-Songwriter, Freebairn-Smith Becomes Unintentional YouTube Sensation 

Last spring, singer-songwriter, Alison Freebairn-Smith, went for a pandemic exercise walk along the Venice beach boardwalk with a friend, when musician and popular YouTuber, Reggie Guilliaume (aka Guitaro5000), invited her to sing with him. Neither could have predicted how deeply their collaboration on her song about the late Mister Rogers, would touch people all over the globe and alter their lives, forever.

When the video first went up on Guilliaume’s YouTube channel, in July of 2021, it got mostly rave reviews, however, it peaked at about 80k views by January of 2022. Two weeks ago, it suddenly blew up and was getting 10,000 views every hour.

After five days, the video had gone viral with over 1 million views. To date, the video has been seen by nearly 4 million people. Freebairn-Smith attributes this event to help from her “surrogate father,” Oscar-nominated and Grammy-winning composer/arranger, Perry Botkin Jr., best known for composing the theme for The Young and The Restless, also known as Nadia’s Theme, who passed away in January of 2021.

Deemed highly gifted, as a child, Alison played several instruments, wrote songs, danced, and had already sung on a hit record by the age of 10. However, the message she was getting at home was that it was “too much,” so she learned to hide her talents and intelligence in an effort to please her family. “To receive such encouraging, supportive messages from people all over the world, who don’t even know me, at this point in my life, has done a world of good and really helps with my recovery,” said Alison.

The video of Alison and Reggie is the top-performing video on his YouTube channel and is still averaging nearly 100,000 views per day

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