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Snake Wranglers – Topanga Area

Wranglers: Those who are able to locate, capture and humanely relocate rattlesnakes

This page will be updated weekly if and when there are changes to provide the best information on sourcing and contacts available. Last updated 8/7/2020.

Sharon Shingai – 818-517-0255

John McNeil – 310-455-2013 

Jayni Schuman 310-455-3553 or 310-570-5339 

Victoria Rose – 310-384-3033 (donations appreciated) 

Victoria Payne 310-384-5763

Suzie Doton 818-943-3033 (available after the shut down) 

Greg Grether 310-455-4334 (not confirmed) 

Jason – So Cal Snake Removal 818-489-4719 (charges $100 or more)

 Dan Mac Neil H/310-455-2234 C/818-730-7379

Bo Slyapitch,