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Silent, Sleeky, Salamanders 

“What kind of beast is your salamander?” asked the Prince.  “It is hard to tell their kind, your Honor,” said Golg. “For they are too…


The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is turning 45 on November 10, 2023.  Almost all of the big western national parks were created from…

Parrots in Paradise 

Almost every spring for the last eight years, mitered parakeets have nested in the old windbreak of eucalyptus trees that borders our garden. By the…

La Costa Beach 

La Costa Beach is almost entirely hidden behind the houses that locals have nicknamed “the Great Wall of Malibu.” Also hidden here, among the homes…


Explore Our E-Issue 

Vote! Elections put direct democracy in the hands of the people.
Together, we have the ability to bend the arc of the moral universe a
little closer to justice, but only if we vote, and thanks to mail-in ballots,
early in-person voting, and drop o boxes, it’s never been easier to
participate. This is an election that will directly impact everyone who
lives in the Santa Monica Mountains. We all need to make sure our
voices are heard and our ballots counted. For voting locations and
information on how to get a new ballot if something dire happened to
the one you received in the mail, visit
Cover design by Urs Baur

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