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Topanga Canyon Gallery Presents New Exhibitions
Photo provided by June Kim

Topanga Canyon Gallery Presents New Exhibitions 

Photo provided by June Kim

The artists are John Couch and June Kim. Join them for an opening reception February 4, 4-8pm.

In the North Gallery, artist John Couch presents “Mushin (無心).” The kanji characters for Mushin consist of Mu (nothingness) and Shin (hear, mind, spirit). Or “no mind.” This term is derived from Zen and the martial arts and describes a state when a person’s mind is free from thoughts of anger, fear or ego during combat or daily life. In the West, this is akin to the “flow state” that is required for optimal performance and natural concentration. This is the state Couch strove for while creating these paintings.

The paintings are a unification of Japanese and American influences, combining ancient philosophy with modern, abstract and minimalist compositions. They are not meant to be religious paintings per se but aspire to evoke a meditative sense of the beauty and impermanence of life. 

In the South Gallery, artist June Kim presents “Divine Vision of Redthread,” a vision of outdoor site-specific installations using AI art as a future medium to create this collection of 4 seasons happening in real locations on earth. This show features a Winter and Autumn Collection of Redthread AI Vision. Kim’s work is inspired by an Asian ancient belief that “invisible Redthread connects all who are destined to meet.” Simply it is imagining the IRL installations built in nature. This project of Redthread vision connects the current and the future, reality and the metaverse — humans to nature, consciousness and even forgotten memories.

Both shows run 2/3 through 2/26. Gallery hours are Fridays 1-7pm, Saturdays and Sundays 12-6pm. Topanga Canyon Gallery is located at 137 S Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga. Visit or @topangacanyongallery on IG for more details.

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