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Silent, Sleeky, Salamanders 

“What kind of beast is your salamander?” asked the Prince.  “It is hard to tell their kind, your Honor,” said Golg. “For they are too…


The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is turning 45 on November 10, 2023.  Almost all of the big western national parks were created from…

Parrots in Paradise 

Almost every spring for the last eight years, mitered parakeets have nested in the old windbreak of eucalyptus trees that borders our garden. By the…

La Costa Beach 

La Costa Beach is almost entirely hidden behind the houses that locals have nicknamed “the Great Wall of Malibu.” Also hidden here, among the homes…

TNT on the Go

TNT on the Go 

We have a new feature at Topanga New Times! Starting with this issue, we are releasing audio versions of select features, read by the articles’ authors. 

Audio content debuting this week includes Jimmy P. Morgan’s Books & Such column, Emmeline Summerton’s Lost Canyons LA, and TNT Editor Suzanne Guldimann’s Discover section in addition to her bi-weekly editorial. 

Our plan is to make New Times Radio—NTR— into a bi-weekly podcast that will be available wherever you get your podcasts. And, with the talented help of Brian Chapman, our very own audio techie and genius music maker, we will be launching noteworthy specials on interesting topics—going behind the headlines, if you will.

Article specific audio content is also available with each piece on the website—listen when you feel like it. Our expectation is that the podcast will be  an easy way to take TNT along on the go, in the car, at the gym, or whenever and wherever one listens to podcasts. Visit to stream our new audio content, and look for more TNT audible content coming soon!

Brian Chapman

Brian Chapman, TNTV Producer Composer, producer, and musician who has, since the pandemic, stepped in front of the camera to host video content for TNTV. Beginning with a 4+ hours long Musical Community Event, live-streaming videos from local musicians in lieu of the beloved Topanga Days Festival, Brian’s show reached thousands of quarantined, music deprived citizens, and was hailed a huge success. Next, team TNTV presented the Magical Artists Tour, a series of 11 interviews with local artists of the Topanga Canyon Gallery, in lieu (again, thanks pandemic) of the annual Artists Studio Tour. Brian continues to compose music for television and film, maintaining that his TNTV host status is a “happy accident”, but he looks forward to producing more fun, educational and enlightening content for Topanga New Times.

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