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The Nature Observer 

Suzanne Guldimann is the editor of the Topanga New Times, and also TNT’s resident naturalist. She was recently asked to give a talk on being…

The Bear Truth 

We have a new neighbor in the Santa Monica Mountains. On April 23, National Park Service biologists captured and radio-collared a 210-pound black bear in…

Butterflies: Mythic Beauty 

Backyard Butterflies Fly, white butterflies, out to sea, Frail pale wings for the winds to try, Small white wings that we scarce can see Fly….

The Malibu Railway War 

From the moment the first transcontinental railroad steamed across the county in 1869, the nation had train mania. In California, that mania reached a fevered…

Up the Drone

Up the Drone 

Corazón Performing Arts invites you to “Up the Drone,” a 27-hour music festival to celebrate the venue’s 8th anniversary. Join the immersive, sustained sound environment from 5:00PM Saturday, May 6th — 8:00PM Sunday, May 7th 2023. Tickets available on eventbrite or at the venue.

The event will feature non-stop drone performances from 27 musicians, allowing attendees to experience the full range of emotions that drone music can evoke. Tickets are $27 for 1 or $50 for 2, with proceeds going to the artists who are creating this immersive sound experience. There is also a “Give What You Can” option, where any amount may be donated in exchange for a ticket. 

This is the 6th “Up The Drone” at Corazon and it promises to be an unforgettable experience for drone music enthusiasts and those looking to explore new frontiers in sound. Participating musicians include Devin Sarno, Elf Freedom, Nora Keyes, DJ Twisty, Lord Blobbie and Electric Coyote among others. Live screen printing and limited edition collectible zines by “Up The Drone” Creative Director James Mathers accompany each event, as well as live painting by Norton Wisdom.

Buy tickets now at:

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