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Your Heart is the Master
Work/Life Balance

Your Heart is the Master 

I sat quietly in my meditation this morning—feeling into all the subtle sensations of my body, listening to my breath, to the ancient mantra music playing, to the birds outside, and being the neutral observer as I witnessed my mind create all kinds of stories. The mind will often do that. It’s a wild and strange creature—the human mind. 

I observed it create stories like “I’ll never be good enough,” “I’ll never reach my goals,” “my family doesn’t really love me…” and the like. (I’m not too bothered by these as I know all people have these thoughts. It’s just a normal part of the monkey mind, unfortunately. The trick is figuring out how to send the monkey into the background so that he is merely background noise. In that way, you can put someone more eloquent in the starring role of what you are hearing and thinking and feeling.) 

I felt some frustration and sadness come up so I had a little bit of a cry, because I think emotions should always be expressed in healthy ways. They are, after all, energy in motion (e-motion) and the release of them creates space for new energy. “I could use some new energy,” I thought. The negative thoughts came back again, and I reminded myself that they are just passing through and it doesn’t serve me to try to “keep” them. I don’t want those thoughts anyway. They aren’t in alignment with who I am and who I’m becoming. I’m a powerful creator and I get to choose the reality I want to create. 

So, I went back into my meditation. 

This time, remembering that my heart is the master, and my mind, its servant

As soon as I switch where the authority lies, things begin to change. My breath slows down and I take long, slow, deep inhales and exhales. I let the energy start from my heart and radiate outward. I move my eye gaze up and together, launching myself further into the portals created by my pineal gland. It then triggers the pituitary gland to start secreting chemicals that are more loving, more kind, more heart-centered. Then, new thoughts start to arrive. Thoughts that are creative, helpful, inspiring, kind, loving. Intuitive downloads start coming through about next steps. I feel myself getting back into alignment. Not just a physical alignment—a full alignment of myself: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. 

I set an intention to remain in this heart space as much as I can today. Better decisions are made when the heart is the master. You don’t have to do a whole meditation practice to get yourself to this place either. In the midst of any normal daily chaos, you can always just take a moment of mindfulness, stop, breath, and remind yourself to make your heart the master, and your mind its servant.

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