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Reflections on Animals, Nature and Ancient Yoga Texts at Topanga Canyon Gallery 

“If You Don’t Risk Anything” by Debbie Green

Topanga Canyon Gallery has a double treat in store with a solo show of all new work by well-loved local artist Debbi Green, and an exhibition by internationally recognized guest artist Marek Buchwald. Both shows will run from February 18 through March 13, with a reception outside on Saturday, February 19 from 4 – 7. 

Debbi Green’s paintings will be in the north gallery; they reflect her love of the beauty she sees surrounding her. She describes one of her paintings, Dogma, of four dogs with flower tattoos; “This is a tongue and cheek but honest mantra, representing compassion for all animals (and humans) and true respect for nature.” 

Marek Buchwald has produced hundreds of works of devotional art–primarily oil paintings and sculptural forms– that reside in collector’s homes throughout the world, as well as in sacred temples both in India and the USA, museum installations, and in illustrated books. His work was selected to appear at Context, as part of Art Basel 2021. Art Basel is the leading fine art platform in the world, with an annual exhibition in Miami, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Paris. 

In this exhibition, Buchwald is showing pieces from “Transluminations” , a large body of work developed over a decade. The works are both intricate and bold, and include the use of gold, silver, and copper leaf as well as ink, integrated with oils. “They are a journey of discovery through ancient sacred yoga texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, filtered through the lens of Chaos theory and Mandelbrot’s fractal geometry of nature,” explains Buchwald. 

The outside reception for both shows will be on Saturday, February 19 from 4PM to 7PM. The shows will run for four weekends through March 18. The Gallery is open Friday 2PM – 7PM, and Saturday and Sunday noon – 7PM. Debbie Green will be hosting “Fun With Drawing,” an interactive experience, on March 5th.Topanga Canyon Gallery moved into its new, renovated space in October 2021; 137 South Topanga Canyon Blvd, across from the south entrance to Pine Tree Circle. visit

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