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Open Studios of Topanga

Open Studios of Topanga 

Celebrating Art, Nature, and Community in Topanga Canyon

Open Studios of Topanga, October 7 & 8 — Step into a world where creativity blooms amidst the lush beauty of nature. The much-anticipated “Open Studios of Topanga” event returns for two Inspiring days, paying homage to the thriving artist community that calls Topanga Canyon home. This event not only celebrates the existing artistic talent of those who have participated in the past, but also extends a warm welcome to new and emerging artists eager to share their creations, their process and their creative spaces.

Nestled under the oaks and imbued with the charm of natural splendor, Topanga Canyon boasts a distinctive artistic community along with a rich history of artists and musicians who were all drawn to the creative, inventive spirit that pulses through these canyon walls. 

What is the tour like?

For years, the tour has seamlessly woven art and architecture, inviting participants to explore a curated selection of artists’ studios. Artists in the canyon will be opening their homes or studios to the public to connect with the art and the process behind it. With the purchase of a ticket, attendees will gain access to a map of the studios participating, allowing them two days to guide themselves through the winding roads to the front steps of the artists studios. Each studio is a world of its own, reflecting the unique essence of the artist behind it. 

Choose between a printed map for those seeking a tactile experience or a digital map for tech-savvy attendees. Check-in and ticket sales in person will be available at Pine Tree Circle.

This event is a chance to deepen the sense of community by supporting local creatives and hosts. It’s an opportunity to forge connections, kindling new friendships against the backdrop of breathtaking artistry.

Meet the Artists:

Lisa Houde. Multiple mediums. Photo by Jessica Alexander

Whether you’re an art enthusiast looking to meet the maker or a visitor wanting to champion the vibrancy of this unique community, this weekend promises to be one of creative immersion. 

Expect a kaleidoscope of artistic disciplines and styles, reflecting the diverse range of talents the event encompasses: painting, sculpture, fiber art, jewelry, pottery, photography, and more.

Lisa Houdei: Lisa Houdei is a Topanga Canyon based artist who employs multiple mediums in her venture to express the spectrum of stoic wonderings that encompass her daily life. Lisa recently had a solo show at Space Art + Supply in Topanga, and regularly performs original music in the canyon when shes not away on tour.  She not only graces the event as a featured artist but also serves as a member of the event’s organizing team. Discover her eclectic studio during the tour.

David Fisher: A familiar face to Topanga residents, David Fisher is a writer, artist and creator renowned for his iconic LOVE stickers and sharing the LOVE. His studio promises an extraordinary experience, offering a glimpse into his captivating world of joy and creativity and reminding us to find play for our inner child. 

David Fisher. Painting. Photo by Jessica Alexander

Tickets are on sale NOW at Experience the magic of art in the embrace of nature, where inspiration knows no bounds. Join us in celebrating the heart and soul of Topanga Canyon at “Open Studios of Topanga” – an event that promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart and imagination. You are invited to follow our journey on the socials @openstudiosoftopanga and our website  You are invited to share this event with friends and family so they too can experience this event and have a unique chance to purchase art from some very talented artists and creatives.

For media inquiries, sponsorship and volunteer options or general information please contact: 

Trudy Perry and Danielle Hutchens at

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