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The Bear Truth 

We have a new neighbor in the Santa Monica Mountains. On April 23, National Park Service biologists captured and radio-collared a 210-pound black bear in…

Butterflies: Mythic Beauty 

Backyard Butterflies Fly, white butterflies, out to sea, Frail pale wings for the winds to try, Small white wings that we scarce can see Fly….

The Malibu Railway War 

From the moment the first transcontinental railroad steamed across the county in 1869, the nation had train mania. In California, that mania reached a fevered…

Golden Blooms 

It’s a good year for the California poppy. The extended heavy rains came at just the right time for California’s state flower to flourish, and…


Soul Colors 

Born in Zimbabwe, Africa, Michael Chinyamurindi, has lived in Topanga Canyon for two decades.

“Art has always been present in my environment! Creativity is the Poor Man’s Las Vegas. The only Classical Training I have is as an Actor, but as a Writer/Painter/Sculpture/Musician, I picked those skills from All the diverse Artists who were in my environment. Art to me, is ‘Soul Language.’ It is part of the alphabetical of The Inner Being, and so I have always been a student, curious, experimenting, and seeking creative outlets to speak this Soul Language.” 

“The Most Gratifying Art, comes out of Artists who express for ‘the love of it!’, those who enjoy and participate in Creative imaginative ‘playing’…exercising Creative Will, and from such, find Art! I would like to express sincere, deeply felt Gratitude for ‘My Community’ for bringing SOUL COLORS to life. UBUNTU, in my language, means, ‘People are not People without Other People.’”

‘SOUL COLORS’ opens July 17th, 2022, 4PM-9PM 

at SPACE art + supply. 

Located in the Old Center Courtyard.

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  1. KamGi Finch

    Such a beautiful show!! Michael’s art is truly amazing. If you’re in Topanga go check it out!! The opening reception last night was filled to the brim with community love!!

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