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Soul Colors Exhibition a Community Success

Soul Colors Exhibition a Community Success 

On Sunday, July 17th, 2022 Topangans gathered in the ‘Old Center’ Courtyard at SPACE art + supply, a gallery with artist and curator Genevieve Ruddock at the helm. The space, “a place for creatives to be in process,” exhibited a collection of pen and ink drawings by Michael Chinyamurindi.

The opening reception was a community collaboration. Provisions from the Topanga Creek General Store and many others were offered. Michael’s work in pen and ink, vibrant color and collage embodies a stirring and playful collection that art enthusiasts and collectors in the community and beyond, will treasure.

Michael is very grateful to those who have supported him throughout this endeavor. “UBUNTU, in my language means, “People are not People without Other People!”

Michael Chinyamurindi photographed during his Soul Colors art showing.
Photo by Denis M. Hannigan

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