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Forest School for Homeschoolers
Kidsbeat, NewsBeat

Forest School for Homeschoolers 

Hello Topanga families! 

We are so excited to share a new opportunity for your children right here in local wild spaces. We are two homeschooling mamas who love being in nature learning alongside our children and are opening a Forest School for Homeschooling kids ages 5-11 in Santa Monica Mountains, San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita Valley! After years of homeschooling, we noticed that there aren’t really many programs or spaces for older kids to be in nature with other kids their age while their families are at work, so we created one!

We hope you’ll visit our site, and if you and your children are interested, we encourage you to apply! Space is limited, and we will start on the autumn solstice in September.

Our program was founded on the philosophy that children need the freedom of movement, self directed exploration, risk taking, discovery, and unstructured play in the wider, natural spaces to become healthy, resilient, and independent learners…We believe in the importance of building connections through meaningful interaction and consistency as a way to nurture lifelong relationships with others and with the natural world. A child’s sense of wonder and imagination inspires all that we do! Our aim is to understand, respect and entrust children with their own freedom to think, to wonder, to ask and answer their own questions, and discover what it is about the world that makes them come alive.

EDITORS NOTE: While here at TNT we dream of families all over the Santa Monica Mountains sitting down and reading our informative and entertaining articles out loud together, we also know that there are times when moms and dads need to work and feel good about what their kids are doing. 

When we started TNT during the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, one of our major goals was to provide helpful information for our community, and that is still our mission, as life shifts into what we all hope will be the post-COVID era. In that spirit and just in time for the start of the new school year, we are introducing our newest section: Kidsbeat. 

This is a place to find information on local schools, extracurricular programs, enrichment and fun family activities. We invite all of our schools, families, teachers and students to submit material, whether it’s auditions for a play, a new preschool program, a home school project, or just something fun to share: poetry, art, stories. Email us at, and look for Kidsbeat in print and online at

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