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Russell Charles Jensen 1933-2023

Russell Charles Jensen 1933-2023 

With great sadness the Jensen family wishes to inform that Russell Charles Jensen passed away on September 11, 2023. Russell was born January 18, 1933 in Germantown, NY. As a child people would find him far from home riding his tricycle. They would ask, “Are you lost, little boy?” He’d reply, “Not lost but exploring”. Russell loved seeing new places.

On becoming a young man he knew that job opportunities in Germantown were mainly agricultural, which was not for him, so the day after high school graduation he joined the Air Force in search of new adventures. There he trained as a radar tech, often working in cramped quarters of aircraft nosecones while out on missions.

Upon receiving an honorable discharge he traveled the country earning money using his knowledge of electronics to repair televisions. After his travels he returned home where he met his wife, Evelyn, at church. She was walking by him, tripped, and literally fell into his arms. They soon got married and started a family of two boys, Peter and Gary.

Russell went on to complete a degree in·engineering from Pratt Institute and a Masters in Business Administration from Western New England College. This led to a job with Hughes Aircraft that he kept until retiring at an early age of 56. While at Hughes he worked on varied top-secret projects regarding national security, some of which are still in use today.

In 1971 the Jensens moved to Topanga, and as the saying goes, “Don’t change Topanga, Let Topanga change you”. Russell took the family on many camping trips covering the western half of the United States and Canada as well as other portions of the US. Once they became empty nesters, Russell and Evelyn continued traveling the world, visiting every continent and over 100 countries, some of which do not exist anymore.

Among many passions, he loved watching the show “Jeopardy”. He often knew answers to obscure questions and his family would just look at him in disbelief wondering how and why he’d know that information. A man of many talents indeed.Russell loved life, his family, and will be missed by all.  He continues on in a new dimension, “Not lost but exploring”. He is survived by his sons, Peter with wife Laure, and Gary with wife Lucy.

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