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Silent, Sleeky, Salamanders 

“What kind of beast is your salamander?” asked the Prince.  “It is hard to tell their kind, your Honor,” said Golg. “For they are too…


The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is turning 45 on November 10, 2023.  Almost all of the big western national parks were created from…

Parrots in Paradise 

Almost every spring for the last eight years, mitered parakeets have nested in the old windbreak of eucalyptus trees that borders our garden. By the…

La Costa Beach 

La Costa Beach is almost entirely hidden behind the houses that locals have nicknamed “the Great Wall of Malibu.” Also hidden here, among the homes…


Making Sense of Medicare 

The Canyon Sages invite everyone to an informational evening on Medicare – everything you always wanted to know but were too confused to ask. Bruce Johnston, a licensed broker with decades of Medicare experience, has been brought back to, once again, lift the veil on this venerable health care program. The meeting will be held on Zoom, Thursday, November 10, at 6:30pm in time for you to still make your Medicare choices before this year’s December deadline.

Anyone who fits in any of these categories is more than welcome to attend the Zoom meeting: 

  • Currently on Medicare but want to know more; 
  • Are almost Medicare age and need to know everything; 
  • Want to help a parent or friend learn  about the intricacies of Medicare.

When and how do you apply? What does Medicare cover? What is Medigap and do you need it? How much does a supplementary plan cost? Are your drugs covered? If you’re not happy with your plan, how do you change it? Learn the answers to all of your important questions at the Zoom meeting!

Sages president, James Grasso will host the event. If you want to attend, join the Zoom meeting at:

Meeting ID: 854 810 9733
Passcode: topanga

To join The Canyon Sages and get email notices about all their upcoming  events and activities, go to to sign up. Many events are completely free of charge, and others are low-cost, with scholarships available. . Check out the details on the website.

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