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Discovering Yourself Through Silence and Meditation: A Workshop 

There’s so much noise in our life. Social media, kids, family, work, social life, partner, plans. 

But also, noise in our heads. Too often, this noise is tainted with fear, anxiety, comparison, and memories. It rarely offers clear information or guidance.

We want something more profound than the relentless commentary in our head that keeps us on the surface, which is the most common frustration of meditators! 

For this, we need meditation techniques that take us beyond the ordinary mind, to an experience of the Self inside. 

Here a whole inner world opens up to us, that was hidden by the surface-level noise.

“Being able to silence the mind at will is an essential and achievable skill.” ~ Samuel Sagan M.D.

Meditation is about going beyond this coating, this surface, these beliefs that uphold the personality, these protections and defenses.

It’s about diving beneath this thin layer and seeking to know the depths and vastness of ourselves, our consciousness. The third eye is a universal pathway to conscious silence. Found in both the Eastern and Western traditions, it is universally recognized as the ‘eye of knowledge’. It opens a gateway for your awareness to go beyond the thinking mind, bringing awakening, silence, and clarity to your life.

Candice Oneida, a meditation instructor of over 26 years, will be conducting an “Awakening the Third Eye” meditation workshop on April 15th and 16th in Topanga Canyon.

This workshop will be grounded in a simple but profound meditation technique, which provides the foundation for a multitude of spiritual experiences to unfold.

Bring your questions and curiosity and be inspired to journey into an extraordinary world inside!

If you’d like to know more go to or contact Candice Oneida 415.656.5577.

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    If you’d like to know more go to: or contact Candice Oneida (415) 656 5577

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