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Hugh Lofting
Dr. Dolittle in Topanga Canyon 

Books were a very important part of my childhood. TV had not been invented so we learned from books and listening to the radio. And…

Into the Weeds
A Green Tsunami 

A green tsunami of weeds is rising throughout the Santa Monica Mountains this spring. This living tide of vegetation threatens to drown the native plants,…

Dangerous Mushrooms 

The abundant rains this spring have been a blessing for mushroom enthusiasts in the Santa Monica Mountains. Foraging is so popular this season that it…

A Season for Toads 

The record rain California received in January is a boon for the Western toad, Anaxyrus borea (California has its own subspecies, Anaxyrus borea halophilus). This…


Nature Based Solutions Success Stories Conference 

The California Watershed Network and the Council for Watershed Health invite the community to participate in the first ever Nature Based Solutions Success Stories Conference.

How do we get to safe, clean water? Are creek restoration projects improving water quality? Explore nature based solutions based in nature and find out.

The conference takes place on Thursday, November 17, 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. online, and will feature Keynote Speaker: Dr. Erica Gies, the author of Water Always Wins, and a wide range of presenters. 

The event will conclude with afternoon field trips to view several key local projects.

For more information, the full agenda, and to sign up to participate, visit

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