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Getting WiLD with Your Local RCD

Getting WiLD with Your Local RCD 

Earlier this year, your local Resource Conservation District launched an innovative opportunity to connect community members with nature. This immersive workshop series, known as WiLD CiTY, has so far introduced participants to: a local endangered fish, a coastal wetland, oak woodland stewardship, the harms of invasive creek species, bird watching at an urban biodiversity hotspot, creative writing and nature journaling within iconic Hollywood parks, and tie-dying and paper making using local plants.

The workshops are designed to engage Los Angelenos in meaningful creative and environmentally-focused experiences that invite participants to explore the nature that weaves throughout our urban lives. The next installment of this unique series, beginning on October 21st, will immerse us in storytelling and photography at Griffith Park with a local filmmaker; guide us through historical discussions within the Santa Susana Pass; and offer professional tips to enjoy native plant propagation no matter the size of your garden. Join this impassioned and thoughtful group of humans and book your WiLD CiTY experience today: You can purchase access to whichever workshop most speaks to you or, for a discounted price, you can gain entry to the entire series. Book your adventure and get WiLD this fall!

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