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An Equinox of Light: Opening Reception September 17

An Equinox of Light: Opening Reception September 17 

Photo courtesy of the artist, Azad Saghakhooreh

Topanga Canyon Gallery is proud to present two solo exhibitions: “Reflections” by Delbar Azari and “Metamorphosis” by Farideh Azad. Both shows will run from September 16, through October 2, with a double opening reception on September 17 from 4-7pm.

Delbar Azari presents a new series of work with her exhibition “Reflections.” In this new series, Azari allows the viewer to experience the different qualities of light and color, by utilizing reflective, translucent and transparent materials to create a visual effect that changes based on lighting and the viewers’ proximity to the work. Inspired by the movement and reflective qualities of ocean waves, coupled with a color palette borrowed from Monet’s Garden in spring, these works capture the tranquility of shadows and light.
Farideh Azad presents a retrospective collection in her new exhibition, “Metamorphosis.” Building off of a 40-year career in glass blowing, where Azad produced functional, decorative, and sculptural glass works, she now combines these skills with new mediums. Working with ceramics at her home studio with a ceramic kiln, Azad will display these sculptures, along with new watercolor works, in her new exhibition.. The challenge of learning new techniques amplifies her inspiration and focus, allowing her a new creative freedom away from the confines and heat of the glass studio. For all of her 83 years, Azad has looked at art as a joyous journey, and not a destination. “How joyful and satisfying it has been.” 

Topanga Canyon Gallery is open 1-7 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays or by appointment.

Topanga Canyon Gallery 

137 S Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290

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