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Dr. Dolittle in Topanga Canyon 

Books were a very important part of my childhood. TV had not been invented so we learned from books and listening to the radio. And…

Into the Weeds
A Green Tsunami 

A green tsunami of weeds is rising throughout the Santa Monica Mountains this spring. This living tide of vegetation threatens to drown the native plants,…

Dangerous Mushrooms 

The abundant rains this spring have been a blessing for mushroom enthusiasts in the Santa Monica Mountains. Foraging is so popular this season that it…

A Season for Toads 

The record rain California received in January is a boon for the Western toad, Anaxyrus borea (California has its own subspecies, Anaxyrus borea halophilus). This…

New Mandatory Water Restrictions

New Mandatory Water Restrictions 

Starting Tuesday, September 6, 2022, residents and businesses in Kagel Canyon, Malibu/Topanga, and Marina del Rey Water System, as well as other local cities and water districts, are asked to suspend their outdoor watering for 15 days as a critical imported water pipeline is shut down for emergency repairs. As a Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts customer, we are all among the many thousands of consumers being asked to participate in this initiative. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which is the source of much of the region’s water supply, has made information and helpful tips available on how to manage the 15-day shutdown and prepare your landscaping for no watering. Please visit Metropolitan’s website at

This emergency repair comes at a time when we are experiencing the warmer summer months of our third very dry year. With our reliance on imported water and the impact of climate change, we must face the reality that these challenges could be our new normal. Working together we can adopt changes in our water use habits that will ensure sustainable water service. 

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California would like to remind residents to set sprinkler timers to “off” on the evening of September 5th, since the shutdown will be from September 6th-20th. Visit Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts’ website for conservation tips and resources at

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