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Parrots in Paradise 

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La Costa Beach 

La Costa Beach is almost entirely hidden behind the houses that locals have nicknamed “the Great Wall of Malibu.” Also hidden here, among the homes…

This event will be rescheduled: A Salon with Olivia Pool
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This event will be rescheduled: A Salon with Olivia Pool 

This event will be rescheduled; please stay tuned.

We’ll be spilling the Tea at the Topanga New Times office at Rosewood in a continuation of our series of lively, live, discussions featuring TNT contributors and some special guests.

Our first salon featured TNT editor and local historian Suzanne Guldimann who took us on a ride on the Hueneme, Malibu, Port Los Angeles Railroad—Malibu’s legendary ghost train.

We expect our attendees to be on the edge of their seats for our next offering. If your interest is piqued by the term “subconscious reprogramming,” the upcoming event will reveal what subconscious integration is and how you can use this to update any unhealthy patterns or limiting beliefs. 

In addition to a presentation and discussion, attendees will witness a first-hand, in-person experience of PSYCH-K® Subconscious Reprogramming by Master Facilitator and Spiritual Psychology Teacher Olivia Pool. 

The event is free, but a voluntary donation of $10 per person  is welcome and helps fund the actual tea (and cookies)—as well as make it possible for us to bring in other guest speakers in the future. Patrons who donate $25 will receive a limited edition themed mug to mark the occasion.

Space is limited. Please RSVP to

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    I would like to come to the TNT TEA SALON. How do I RSVP. and get the time etc.?
    Thank you.

    1. skybonnie

      The event will be at 6pm on September 21, 2023. Please RSVP to We’d love to have you!

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