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Circle of Doors Tarot Deck Launch

Circle of Doors Tarot Deck Launch 

On Saturday, June 10, at the launch party for their newest deck, Jill Sutherland & Anne Staveley will announce the availability of the Circle of Doors Tarot Deck + Guidebook. The cards themselves are a blending of portraiture with the abstract. Created from a series of 78 black and white multiple exposure photographs, the images weave a complex ecosystem of layers and textures into ghostly, illustrative allegories. Jill and Anne are overjoyed and grateful to be able to offer this work to tarot lovers, photography enthusiasts, and the world.

In 2011, Anne Staveley & Jill Sutherland started their creative group Staveley & Sutherland with the intention to explore complex themes within the realm of human experience. They created their first deck, a 22 card major arcana deck called the Wheel of Fortune Tarot, as a way to tap into the hidden language of ancient symbolism and the timeless wisdom of feminine sacred knowledge. With the new Circle of Doors Tarot deck, they take the concept to the next level, expanding on the messages of the divine feminine with the series of cards created from 78 fine art photographs, all-female, contemporary elucidations of an intricate, centuries-old iconography.

Many people have already purchased the Circle of Doors Tarot Deck, with over 400 decks being shipped in the last two weeks. The reviews continue to be overwhelmingly positive, with more experiences being shared every day of profoundly uplifting experiences being created by interacting with the deck. 

Join the launch party on Saturday, June 10th, at Kinship Station, 106 S Topanga Canyon Blvd. from 3pm-7pm.

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