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Photo by Kamakshi Hart

The Lion, The Witch, & The Walk-In Closet 

Photo by Kamakshi Hart

After her successful run in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, Los Angeles-based Director/Choreographer/Performer Kristy Beauvais is taking her show on the road. Kristy is making her United Solo Festival debut with her solo dark comedy The Lion, The Witch, & The Walk-In Closet. She takes her audience on a song and dance-filled journey through her life, dealing with hard topics such as domestic abuse and drug abuse. Once we feel we know the lion and its place in the walk-in closet, we venture out to meet the witch. Abuse tries to step-in, once again, but Kristy uses dance to tame the beast.

Kristy comes from a family of fitness entrepreneurs. Her mother was one of the original New Orleans Saints dancers who operated her own successful dance studio. Her father was a professional bodybuilder who opened and ran his own gym in New Orleans. 

Kristy has brought all of her previous experiences, including musical theater, Bunraku “rod” puppetry, live hosting and improvisation, Butoh dance, aerobics instruction, personal training, aerial training, comedy and on-camera acting, from New Orleans, to NYC, Toronto, and now, LA.

Dan Egan, of Fringe Theatre Reviews, describes the show as, “filled with graceful movement and out-of-pocket absurdism, all working in harmony to create a total act of on-stage surrender by the barefoot and brave Kristy Beauvais. But most engaging is Kristy’s ability to contemplate and faithfully inhabit the emotional truth of a moment.” 

Catch The Lion, the Witch & the Walk-In Closet on October 16, 7 pm, at Corazón Performing Arts, 125 South Topanga Canyon Boulevard, in Topanga



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