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Topanga Actors Company Presents

Topanga Actors Company Presents 

Cast photo, from left to right: Bill Pierce, Stephen Hoye, Harry Hart-Browne. Photo by Bill Pierce

Staged-reading of HEROES by Gerald Sibleyras and Tom Stoppard, at the Topanga Library at  2 pm, January 28 and 29. Free admission.

Topanga Actors Company presents a staged-reading of HEROES, by the French playwright Gerald Sibleyras. HEROES (Wind in the Poplars) is a lovely, poignant comedy, beautifully translated by Tom Stoppard, featuring the reluctant inhabitants of a military hospital who can’t wait to be someplace else. Henri (played here by Bill Pierce) has a gammy leg, Gustave (Harry Hart-Browne) suffers from agoraphobia, Philippe (Stephen Hoye) frequently passes out due to the piece of shrapnel lodged in his brain, and their dog companion is another difficult case–seeing as he is made of stone–and yet, hope springs eternal in our heroes’ minds. When Gustave crafts an escape plan, how can the others resist? Looking beyond the line of poplar trees on the horizon, they wonder if this will be the day they finally make it to Indochina, or, perhaps, only as far as the top of the hill. HEROES won the 2005 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy. 

Performance best suited for adults/teenagers, 16+. Running time approximately 75 minutes.

HEROES marks the beginning of TAC’s eighth consecutive season. This is the first TAC production to take place under the company’s unique partnership with the LA County Library. The partnership covers a year’s worth of staged readings to be performed at Topanga Library, with potential to extend to other libraries within LA County. Truly a great opportunity for TAC to bring unusual contemporary plays and fine acting to ever-widening audiences.

Questions? Visit TAC’s website for up-to-date info. TAC is also on Facebook.

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