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Open Studios of Topanga

Open Studios of Topanga 

Danielle Hutchens. Painting and Ceramics. Photo by Jess Alexander

Every June for the last 20 years, there has been a Studio Tour in Topanga hosted by the Topanga Canyon Gallery. This time honored, a beautiful art event, not only brought the community together, but was a true celebration of the many artists that live and work here in the canyon.  For the purchase of one ticket, you could spend the entire weekend exploring the different neighborhoods and stepping inside the studio spaces where the artists create, art meets architecture.  

Sadly, with the uncertain future of the gallery the event couldn’t happen this year. With the blessing of the gallery, one member, Trudy Perry, joined by artist Danielle Hutchens set out to create a new and reimagined version of the tour, Open Studios Of Topanga. This upcoming October 7 and 8, 2023.

With the help of a small canyon-based team of women, Trudy and Danielle quickly put things into motion. They have already signed on 25 artists and a number of generous hosts and sponsors. Their vision is to open up the tour to a larger range of creatives, artists and artistic experiences, to make the most out of the 2 day event. Danielle and Trudy say ”We couldn’t let this event leave the canyon!  This year we are so excited to see familiar names along with new applicants and a whole range of artistic expressions”.

Trudy Perry, Fiber Artist. Photo by Jess Alexander

They currently have an open call for artists with applications closing August 20. If you haven’t applied, you can apply from the website; There is still time and they are encouraging anyone interested to apply! They can also use a few volunteers for tasks leading up to the tour and days of.

Follow the Open Studios of Topanga journey on instagram @opentstudiosoftopanga and be sure to check out the website for more information. To contact them directly, send an email to

The team:

Danielle Hutchens- Creative Director



Trudy Perry- Community Director


Holly Greenway- Socials & Community Outreach


Lisa Houdei – Web & Digital Design


Jessica  Alexander- Photography and Storyteller


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