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Meet Some of the Artists October 7 – 8, 2023

Meet Some of the Artists October 7 – 8, 2023 

Artists in the canyon will be opening their home studios to the public to connect with the art and the processes behind it. With the purchase of a ticket, attendees will gain access to a map of the studios participating, allowing them two days to guide themselves through the winding roads to the front steps of the artists’ studios. Check-in and ticket sales in person will be available at Pine Tree Circle.

Haleh Manavi

Haleh Manavi, AKA Halehhoo, draws creative expressions born from the sorrows, challenges, delights, and tears of womanhood. 

Her artistic journey began during her struggle with breast cancer in 2003 when she had a vision that marked her first painting. 

This pivotal moment ignited her artistic voice and showed her the power of expressing her story through paintings, sculptures, and writing.

Using clay as her medium, Haleh sculpts intricate pieces that delve into human emotions and draw from Persian poetry. 

Since 2020, she’s found artistic solace in Topanga, California, at her studio/home, 

“Spirit’s Nest,” where she also teaches clay art to students of all ages. #19 on the map

Nicky Shemian

Nicky Shemian, a first-generation Persian entrepreneur based in LA, founded NAiiA in 2020. This jewelry line empowers both men and women to embrace boldness and elevation. Influenced by her multicultural upbringing, Nicky, a self-proclaimed tomboy, merged edginess with elegance through her designs.

NAiiA isn’t just about beautiful jewelry; it’s a means to empower self-expression and confidence. Every piece is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and eco-conscious. NAiiA also offsets 100 lbs of carbon for each purchase through its partnership with Salt, dedicated to ecosystem restoration.

Nicky’s mission is to create a more sustainable, beautiful world while celebrating the beauty of those who wear NAiiA’s creations. #19 on the map

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