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Announcing Another Salon: Tea @TNT
Books & Such

Announcing Another Salon: Tea @TNT 

“The Boston Tea Party”, an illustration by W.D. Cooper, circa. 1789. Library of Congress

NOTE: The October SALON event was well-attended and much enjoyed. Attendees were on the edge of their seats, and full of questions. Another SALON event is tentatively scheduled for Spring of 2024 to continue the conversation! Please RSVP to [email protected].

The Constitution. It’s constantly in the headlines—right now, the big question on the front page of the major news outlets is whether the 14th amendment can prevent a certain presidential candidate from running for re-election, a candidate with a history of taking the 5th. How can this 246-year-old document help us navigate a 21st century minefield of constitutional challenges to civil rights, bodily autonomy, and lawful government? Why does any of this work? What did the framers of the Constitution really have in mind and can this fragile but incredibly tough and adaptable document that governs our laws change with the times? Join TNT historian and Books & Such columnist Jimmy P. Morgan and special guest MC Brian Chapman for a live—and lively—discussion of the Constitution and the role it plays in all of our lives. 

This event is the latest installment of TNT’s live Salon Series; it’s also the introduction to our new, original, fully produced podcast original featuring Morgan and Chapman on the Constitution, titled Framed! It’s a fast, funny, and entertaining look at the Constitution, its history, the Framers and its role in contemporary government.

Government is messy, and this is a hands-on event that encourages questions, comments, and whole-hearted participation! Questions can be submitted in advance at hello@topanganewtimes, or saved for the actual event, at TNT, on October 15, 3 p.m. Refreshments will be served (usually, we like to call our Salon Series events Tea @ TNT, but instead of spilling the tea, the hosts of this event are more likely to dump in the bay in tribute to the original Boston Tea Party). 

The event is free, but a donation of $10 is suggested to help cover expenses as well as help make it possible for us to bring in other guest speakers in the future. Patrons who donate $25 will receive a limited edition themed coffee (or tea 🙂 mug. Please join us! RSVP to [email protected], and look for the Framed! podcast, coming soon!

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