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October 29 & 30… a community theatre production of XANADU

Produced by FOCUSfish, Directed by Kristy Beauvais and Gabbi Beauvais

Local teens are taking the lead in Xanadu, a romp of a musical that takes the 1980 movie material and gently pokes fun at it. Xanadu’s lead, Aurora Finetti, will be sporting an over-the-top Australian accent, leg warmers, and roller-skates for most of the show, while beautifully hitting every note we remember so well from the original soundtrack. Birdie Martin and Lola Momoa lead the Mt Olympus Family and sing a fave song of the 70’s, “Have You Never Been Mellow?” There are lots of familiar songs in this fun, jukebox musical. And what a perfect homage to the late Olivia Newton-John.  

“We hope our audience comes dressed in their 80’s finest and dances to the hits with our disco ball shining on them all,” says director, Kristy Beauvais. The production features a cast of 20 children ranging from 8-16 years old. “Many children are from local schools—Manzanita School and Topanga Elementary Charter School, but there is even a family making the drive from Valencia,” Kristy adds. 

Xanadu is magic!

Performances will be Saturday, October 29 at 7pm & Sunday October 30 at 3 pm.

Tickets at

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