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Conversations with Nature and Reflections on Our Future
Holding Wisdom by Debbi Green. Photo courtesy of the artist

Conversations with Nature and Reflections on Our Future 

Topanga Canyon Gallery Starts the New Year with Two New Solo Shows

Holding Wisdom by Debbi Green. Photo courtesy of the artist

Topanga Canyon Gallery is pleased to present the first two solo exhibitions of 2023; Where Have All The Flowers Gone, by Kate Browning, and La Tierra by Debbi Green. Oil painters Debbi Green and Kate Browning each present emotional and thoughtful nature-based exhibits.

Both shows run congruently; 1/6 through 1/29 with an opening reception on Saturday January 7, 4-7pm.

Debbi Green sees trees as tellers of the story of earth and of ourselves. Their roots communicate and share resources with each other. Their energy grows under our feet – that vibration is our heartbeat. Within their branches there is shelter, food and perhaps, the memory of love, in their shade. Locals are invited to immerse themselves in a series of oil paintings where the power and steadfastness of trees is expressed. Like the interconnected ecology of a forest, this body of work is an ensemble of her creative process. View this new body of work by Debbi Green in the South Gallery. 

Kate Browning’s series “Where have all the Flowers Gone” is her response to the song of the same name by Pete Seger and Joe Hickerson. Utilizing a variety of media; pen and ink, graphite, acrylic, watercolor, and oil paint, Kate has created a series of floating canvases and timeless images. “Each piece is a concern for either the positive or negative possibility for our future. For me words are not always adequate, so I choose to paint. Hopefully that will suffice.”

The song which motivated this work started as a simple folk song and the added verses in 1960 turned it into an anti-war rallying cry as well as a comment on how we, humans, keep repeating the circular pattern. 

Where have all the soldiers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the soldiers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the soldiers gone?
Gone to graveyards every one.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?

Kate’s work, located in the North Gallery, will be presented on custom hanging instruments, allowing the canvases to float freely to complement the flowing style of the work. The colors vary from subtle to bright and even some almost monochromatic – all intense representations of flowers in various forms. 

Join us for the opening reception January 7 from 4PM to 7PM. The shows run through January 29. Fridays 1PM to 7PM, Saturday and Sunday noon to 6PM. Topanga Canyon Gallery, 137 S Topanga Canyon Blvd.  @topangacanyongallery

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