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Canyon Sages June Update 

Sages leaders recently met with Sophia Soudani, Field Deputy for County Supervisor Lindsey Horvath, to discuss the needs of Topanga seniors, including the limited access to transportation for seniors and disabled in Topanga. Sophia has now informed us that Topanga is once again included in the Cityride Program.

This program will allow Topanga seniors and disabled a reduced fare dial-a-ride trip, permitted taxicabs, and Dash rides. For more information

The Sages now presents a full roster of activities after the long pandemic pause. Highlights include:

SARA DAHL. New York City designer and digital artist, Dahl, shares industry tips and techniques in four weekend workshops over six weeks. Open enrollment, all ages and levels welcome. $25 per class. Held in the Sages Room at TCC, June 18  – July 23.

Fashion Design and Illustration. Sundays 1 to 3 pm

Digital Painting Saturdays 1 to 3 pm

Graphic Design and Typography Sundays 3 to 5 pm

Photography and Manipulation Saturdays 3 pm to 5 pm

SONG CIRCLE. Sages is holding a monthly Sing-A-long/Song Circle to be held the 4th Thursday of the month, beginning June 22. Noon to 3 pm in the Sages Room at the Community House.

Bring your talents, voice, instrument and willingness to participate in any way the spirit moves you. Song books, chairs, and tables will be available. 

SAGES ART EXHIBIT June 25th, 2pm at the Topanga Library. 

The Exhibit is a compilation of original artwork in various mediums (oil, acrylic, and watercolor) from students taking the Sages Art Classes at Topanga House with artist Velvet Marshall. Free to the public. Complimentary nibbles and refreshments will be served. 

Ongoing Classes 

Monday: New Balance for Seniors 10-11:00

Led by physical and occupational therapist Kat High. $10 per class with a $5 discount for those taking Sages Chair Yoga or Gentle Yoga classes. 

Introductory Balance Presentation, offered quarterly at no charge, will include improving balance, fall prevention, plus myths about older adult falls and other related issues. For more info on both classes, contact Kat at

Introduction to Ukulele 11:30-12:30 -Melanie Kareem

Tuesday: Gentle Yoga 11:15- 12:15 -Justine Lewis

Wednesday: Acrylic Painting 10-12:00 Velvet Marshall

Thursday: Yoga/ Chair Yoga 11-12:00 Lola Babalon

Meditation 3:30-5:00 Zoom Calls Frank Harper

Bookclub 2nd Thurs, 12-1:30 Janice Harman

Song Circle 4th Thurs, 12-3:00 Linnea Richards

Friday: Watercolor Painting 10-12:00 Velvet Marshall

All classes held in Sage’s Room unless otherwise noted


Learn Argentine Tango! BARBARA WEBB Sundays, 3:00

Anyone who wants to learn Argentine tango is welcome to these free classes on Barbara Webb’s deck next door to the Mountain Mermaid. RSVPs and shoes or socks that allow you to pivot are the only requirements. When you’ve learned the basics you will be invited to the Wednesday prácticas.

Cell: 213-448-8330 Home: 310-455-2760
For computer help contact John Coffer at / (818) 325-5421

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