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Meet Some of the Artists October 7 – 8, 2023

Meet Some of the Artists October 7 – 8, 2023 

Artists in the canyon will be opening their home studios to the public to connect with the art and the processes behind it. With the purchase of a ticket, attendees will gain access to a map of the studios participating, allowing them two days to guide themselves through the winding roads to the front steps of the artists’ studios.

Check-in and ticket sales in person will be available at Pine Tree Circle.

Valerie Scott of VSC Collection will be in Open Studios of Topanga this October 7 & 8 (9am-5pm) in picturesque Topanga Cyn. VSC Collection was formerly from San Francisco.

An Abstract Expressionist painter, Scott draws inspiration from contemporary masters such as Jasper Johns, Francis Bacon, Gerhard Richter, Richard Diebenkorn, Willem de Kooning, and Chuck Close. 

Her creative process is ever evolving and is reflective of her personal experiences. Abstractions convey the emotional highs and lows of the human experience. Communicating these nuances through color and texture, she has found that the small wonders of daily life propel her to continually experiment with various processes while bringing her works to completion.

Tyne Stecklein was six months pregnant when she and her husband, Corey Anderson, moved to Topanga Canyon. A professional actress and dancer, Tyne also loved fine art and was inspired by the scenic views of Topanga.

Tyne was very fortunate to have an extremely successful dance and performance career beginning at age 18. She danced for artists such as Cher and Michael Jackson and acted in many TV shows and films such as Burlesque and Fuller House. When the pandemic hit, Tyne’s performance career, like many others, was put on hold. 

After the birth of her second son, Tyne suffered from postpartum depression. Her art practice became her therapy and primary form of artistic expression. Tyne creates high-vibrancy, heartfelt artwork. 

“Painting connects me to spirit, presence, and fills my artistic soul,” says Tyne. “The spontaneous beauty in my work reminds me to stay curious [about] the joys of life. That even amongst chaos, beauty can appear if you are simply present to it. I want my work to be a reminder of this in my clients’ homes.” 

She offers a variety of works from small to large originals, prints, bookmarks, and fine art notecards.

Come visit the LOVE gallery, with artist David Dayan Fisher. One brilliant space of wonder, cartoon, and color, mixed together with a hippie, love explosion of fun. This is an inner child’s joy splattered from wall to floor to ceiling. This space is a heart opener, a tonic, a step into the youth and silliness that lives within us all. Come view over 120 paintings of LOVE in one space. Come have fun and enjoy the love! David was an actor in Hollywood for 18 years before he walked away from the circus to come live in the canyon and paint and write. From movies such as National Treasure to the TV show NCIS, David always played the bad guy, the villain. After coming to Topanga and studying spiritual psychology and all else in the realms of consciousness, he now dedicates his life to LOVE. @daviddayanfisher

Artists Nastassia Perez and Velvet Marshall. Photo by Johnny Murphy

Artist Nastassia Perez is a new emerging urban artist. Raised in a family of artists, she learned to use art as a natural way of communication and expression from an early age. Her art is visual poetry bursting forth with relentless energetic expression. Her artworks have been included in private collections and exhibits in the US, including commissions and mural installations for commercial eatery Taco Beach in Long Beach, CA. She collaborated in the making of the Good Neighbors mural project for the city of Hawthorne, CA.

Velvet Marshall is a second generation American painter and artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Originally trained in a classical, realistic style she later developed an appreciation for the more progressive work of painters both American and European from the modern abstract expressionist movement of the late 1950s and 1960s. This fusion of freedom and expressionism in conjunction with utilizing classical Flemish and old master techniques developed in a modern way is the basis of Velvet Marshall’s style philosophy. 

After teaching art over the past decade for various venues, schools and locations, Marshall now offers classes in her private studio nestled in the beautiful mountains of Topanga, California. Classes are taught in both group and private settings that allow students to learn the basics of oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media painting. All materials are provided. Senior discounts and Gift Certificates are available.

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