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Sages March 1 Dinner Features Free Vaccinations

Sages March 1 Dinner Features Free Vaccinations 

The Canyon Sages dinners are hosted at the Topanga Community Center and prepared by a revolving team of volunteers. Volunteers are always welcome to cook, prep or clean as you like. Pictured left to right: Kat High, Pat Nolan, Jenni Klemp, Esther Houlahan, Jude Klemp, Ari Abraham , Joe Grasso (chef), Karen Dannenbaum (organizer in charge and baker), and Ken Widen. Photo courtesy of Canyon Sages

The Canyon Sages, the only organization offering activities and services for all the Topanga individualists willing to call themselves seniors, is again holding its free monthly dinner Friday, March 1, from 3:30 to  5:30. Funded by the Topanga Community Center and the Sages, the dinners are cooked and served by a hard-working group of volunteers. Each month, around 60 locals show up to the event for delicious home-cooked meals. February featured a Chinese feast, celebrating the Lunar New Year, accompanied by a ukulele sing-along. Dinner prep was led by Joe Grassi. The finale was another fine dessert by organizer Karen Dannenbaum.

The March dinner will offer a special service – vaccinations for Covid, flu and RSV, supplied by the LA County Department of Health’s Mobile Vaccine Team, which prioritizes vaccinating seniors over 65. To offer a further enticement, seniors 65+ receiving vaccines will receive a $25 Mastercard gift card as a thank you for keeping themselves and our community safer.

It’s simple. Sages don’t need to remember ID, vaccination record, or insurance information. The County pharmacist says that can all be accessed on the Cairs website. Vaccines will be available from 2:30 till 5:30, so those interested are encouraged to arrive up to an hour before the dinner, or take a break from the meal at any time during the afternoon to get their shots. 

To RSVP for the dinner, contact Karen Dannenbaum at

The Canyon Sages has many exciting upcoming and/or recurring events and classes to check out, including Gentle Yoga, Argentine Tango, Garden Club, Songmaking Circle and more! Check out their website, or shoot them an email at

The Canyon Sages is always eager for new members, no dues required. Join them for the dinner and vaccination event at the Topanga Community Center, 1440 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd.

By Michele Johnson

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