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Buffalo Fluffalo: A Children’s Tale of Friendship
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Buffalo Fluffalo: A Children’s Tale of Friendship 

So, let’s take inventory here at Johnny-on-the-Spot corporate offices overlooking the glorious sprawling metropolis of Bakersfield CA. I have reviewed an album, a film, a lovely career…so, it only seems fitting I review an absolutely adorable book called Buffalo Fluffalo written by Bess Kalb, an Emmy-nominated comedy writer, and illustrated to perfection by Erin Kraan whose other talents include woodcutter and printmaker.

Buffalo, as a group, are basically surly and hang with a herd of others that look like them, however, Fluffalo is a real loner and bad company (insert song here). The other prairie critters, like the ram who offers him a wool hat for the shade, a prairie dog who invites him to play, an old crow that offered company and conversation, and all are rebuffaloed by Mr. Gruffalo. He’s had enuffalo.

Cue the storm from hell! If you’ve ever experienced a sudden desert storm you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, then more power to you. The dynamic illustrations of the storm become another character here. Storm passes after a major drenching and Mr. Fluffalo looks like a not so happy wet noodle. He’s about to throw a tantrum when the ram tells him they all like him just the way he is. All the animals concur and give him hugs all round. 

Not sure if he started watching Hallmark movies or went into therapy but his bully boy days were over and the prairie was a kinder place except for the…oh, never mind.

I know who would love this story of Buffalo Fluffalo. One of our finest actors… Mr. Mark Ruffalo! Ok, enuffalo. 

Get Buffalo Fluffalo wherever books are sold. For within its pages lies a tale of friendship, acceptance, and the enduring power of being true to oneself.

“A dark, doomy cloud blocked the sun out…” In this excerpt from Kalb’s children’s story, Kraan’s storm illustration becomes another character in the story.
“Then, with one final thundery, blundery blupp,” the storm drops on our guy!
As the clouds clear, the sunlight reveals…”SQUAWK! said the crow with a grin on his beak. ‘Why Buffalo Fluffalo’s just a pipsqueak!’”

From Bess Kalb is an Emmy-nominated comedy writer. She wrote for eight years on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

From Erin Kraan is a children’s book illustrator, woodcutter, and printmaker. Her latest illustrated picture book, Buffalo Fluffalo, written by Bess Kalb was a #3 Indie Bestseller.

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