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The Bear Truth 

We have a new neighbor in the Santa Monica Mountains. On April 23, National Park Service biologists captured and radio-collared a 210-pound black bear in…

Butterflies: Mythic Beauty 

Backyard Butterflies Fly, white butterflies, out to sea, Frail pale wings for the winds to try, Small white wings that we scarce can see Fly….

The Malibu Railway War 

From the moment the first transcontinental railroad steamed across the county in 1869, the nation had train mania. In California, that mania reached a fevered…

Golden Blooms 

It’s a good year for the California poppy. The extended heavy rains came at just the right time for California’s state flower to flourish, and…

The Jester and the King
Work/Life Balance

The Jester and the King 

it’s time to write, said the king. 

i can’t find my favorite pen, i said. 

this isn’t the right chair. 

i don’t have enough time. 

make the time, said the king. 

sit on the floor.  use the ink of your tears. 

i’m not any good, i said. 

if i do it then everyone else will know 

that i’m not any good. 

you are energy in ecstatic motion. 

you are perfect as you are, said the king. 

but there’s a monster inside, i said. 

it’s trying to break out of the cage. 

it must be destroyed. 

the door is unlocked, 

and your monster is invited, said the king. 

it’s not safe. 

there’s a porcelain doll in there. 

the world will break her. 

she is stronger than you think. 

and Love will always protect her, said the king. 

i’m but a silly jester, i said. 

i have nothing to contribute

but awkwardness. 

it’s time to write, trickster.  

enough of this tomfoolery. 

i see you

i hear you, and i love you. 

your laughter lights the night-time sky.

the world needs you, said the king. 

it’s time 

to write. 

to sing. 

to dance. 

to cry. 

to love. 

to grow. 

it’s time 

to walk through fear 

with love in your heart 

and a spear by your side. 

to be the peaceful warrior you are. 

to stand for Love, 

and only Love.

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