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The Hole Story: The Piddock Clam is a Born Architect 

Sea stones with holes in them have long been regarded as magical talismans, carried for protection, or safe passage. There’s a grain of truth in…

Hotel California 

Short term rentals have become a source of income for some property owners in the Santa Monica Mountains and a source of aggravation for others,…

Point Dume State Beach 

There’s a special place just a few miles up the coast, where whales, dolphins, and sea lions swim close to shore, where you can watch…

The Point Dume Staircase 

The new stairway at Point Dume State Beach had a soft opening this month. This long-awaited beach accessway replaces an older staircase built in the…


Santa Monica College is, once again, offering free online sustainability certificates 

This summer, Santa Monica College will be offering two, free Non-Credit Sustainability certificates: Sustainability in Organics Aide, and Sustainability Assistant. All sections are flexible and will be taught primarily through canvas and other learning platforms that are flexible to diverse student schedules. Zoom meetings will be scheduled for guest speaker presentations. 

The Sustainability in Organics Aide classes will teach you the goals of a sustainable food system, ways of reducing food waste, and how to implement an organics collection program in the home, workplace, and community. 

In the Sustainability Assistant program, you will be introduced to the functional areas of sustainability and their role in the public–private policy development and implementation. 

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