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La Costa Beach 

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Santa Monica College Free Online Noncredit Certificate Program

Santa Monica College Free Online Noncredit Certificate Program 

Earn a Sustainability in Organics Aide Noncredit Certificate of Completion* with these Fully Online Classes Available to take this Fall Semester! 

Program begins August 29, 2022 

This fall Santa Monica College is  offering two free noncredit Organics classes. These classes will help develop a general understanding of sustainability principles related to organics and teach how to implement organics sustainability into the workforce, culture, and community. 

These two classes are part of the Organics Aide program designed to teach the goals of a sustainable food system, ways of reducing food waste, and how to implement an organics collection program in the home, workplace and community. Please note, since SST 901 is not offered this semester, students who have not completed the course previously will need to complete the course in a future semester to earn the Certificate of Completion. SST 901 will be offered online in Winter 2023 semester. 

Registering for Noncredit classes, also provides access to academic and career counseling. Connection to JVS West Los Angeles Work Source provides students assistance looking for jobs in the field and invites participation in SMC’s graduation. 

For more information call 310-434-3399 or 


No Computer? No problem! 

SMC students can borrow free Chromebooks. 

*F1 Student Visa holders are not eligible for noncredit courses

Sustainability in Organics Aide Classes 

1. Organics Recycling – SST 905 (Section #7056) Tuesdays/ Thursdays: August 30 – October 22

3:00 pm – 5:15 pm (Online Zoom Class Sessions)

Instructor: Huls J

2. Sustainable Food Systems – SST 909 (Section #7057) Arrange 4.5 Hours: August 29 – October 22

4.5 Hours Arranged with Instructor (Online Zoom)

Instructor: Grebler G.

Students may take individual classes, however all the program’s classes must be taken to be awarded certificate of completion. All classes are conducted online.

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