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On the Track of Malibu’s Ghost Train 

Suzanne Guldimann is an author, artist, and musician who lives in Malibu and loves the Santa Monica Mountains. She has worked as a journalist reporting…

Making Tracks 

On the Trail of a Mountain Lion The footprint was in the middle of the trail. It was shallow, but perfect, and the early morning…

The Hole Story: The Piddock Clam is a Born Architect 

Sea stones with holes in them have long been regarded as magical talismans, carried for protection, or safe passage. There’s a grain of truth in…

Hotel California 

Short term rentals have become a source of income for some property owners in the Santa Monica Mountains and a source of aggravation for others,…

Topanga Film Festival, Young Filmmaker Showcase

Topanga Film Festival, Young Filmmaker Showcase 

Topanga Film Festival is looking for kids and teens from all over the globe to submit their short film. 

Think scripted movie, stop-motion animation, narrated video, special effects etc. It can be filmed and edited on an iPhone, produced with a team, made at film camp, anything! As long as most of the film was created by kids and/or teens, it is acceptable.

Please follow this link for all the details, including helpful materials and guidance for making short films.

The deadline is extended to Sept 20th, so there is plenty of time to get something together!

Surprise us!

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  1. Cora Altman

    Hello, My name is Cora Altman, my grandfather.. Robert Altman is a big inspiration to me And I have worked very hard on this project, I am a film maker & an actress, and I need to submit my short film to the TFF youth showcase, to my understanding the deadline is September 20th, it is currently September 18th and it’s saying “Entries Closed” though if it is late I can use a code.. I must know who I can talk to, to sort this out 😉

    Thank you, Cora A.

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