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The Magic of Gratitude
Work/Life Balance

The Magic of Gratitude 

Tis the month when we are seeing the word “grateful” and “gratitude” all over the place. From grocery shopping bags to t-shirts, and to, of course, Thanksgiving dinners. In the world of personal development and spiritually inclined influencers, gratitude is also a major buzzword. 

Although this may all seem very consumerist (because, well, it often is), it’s also really beautiful and helpful to all of our psyches. 

The thing is, gratitude really works. As a matter of fact, I am going to be bold and say that it even works better than praying. When we are in the frequency of gratitude, it is usually because we are feeling joyful-relieved-happy that our prayers have been answered. So, in the field of quantum leaps or manifestation practices, gratitude is a step further than prayer—it’s an already answered prayer! 

As manifestation practices go, gratitude is really THE feeling you want to tune in to. Gratitude is often a state of thankfulness for having already received or experienced something. 

For example, let’s say I want a little extra money to buy my loved ones gifts for the holidays. 

This is what most people do:  

They worry about what they don’t have. Thus all of their energy is put into worry. As the saying goes, “Worry is also a prayer.” When we are in a continuous state of worry, we keep ourselves and our electromagnetic field in this particular frequency of uncertainty and lack. What do you think you’re going to receive if this is the frequency you’re emitting? 

What actually works: 

The best method is one where you’re experiencing your desired potential future as if it has 1.  already taken place and 2. you are so grateful that it has already taken place. So, let’s imagine that all the gifts you wanted to buy your loved ones have been purchased, gifted, and opened. Your family is joyously appreciating their gifts from you and you are feeling great because you see how happy they are. 

When we experience the gratitude in advance of the thing even happening, we are living in a place of trust and faith—the opposite of worry. 

In addition to gratitude being a powerful ally in the manifestation process, it just keeps you in a higher frequency the more you do it. You don’t need to try to manifest or want anything. The more you keep yourself in a place of gratitude, the more easily your life will flow because everything will be a reflection of the energy YOU are emitting. 

When you vibrate from a place of constant gratitude, you will naturally have many, many things to be grateful for.

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