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New Times Radio (NTR)
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New Times Radio (NTR) 

It’s been more than a year in the making, and now it’s finally here! 

The Topanga New Times crew is delighted to present New Times Radio (NTR), audio versions of the top stories from the print edition of TNTour signature features on the arts, culture, history, and nature are now available as podcasts—listen in the car, at the gym, on the trail, in the kitchen.

Each of our columnists record their own features in their own voices.

The NTR podcast lineup includes four of our most popular feature writers, the series is produced by Brian Chapman.

Podcasts include selections from:

Discover: Our naturalist and historian Suzanne Guldimann explores local lore and explains the nature around us. 

Books & Such: American Historian Jimmy P. Morgan takes us on deep dives into modern society through an American history lens.

Lost CanyonsLA: TNT guest columnist Emmeline Summerton, the creator of @lostcanyonsla, uncovers the rich cultural history of the canyons of Los Angeles, and the lives of the influential artists and musicians that have lived there.

Storyland: This section is a little different. We’ll be presenting it in audiobook format, beginning with chapters of our ongoing original WWII family-friendly fiction serial, The Coastwatchers, written by TNT editor Suzanne Guldimann and read by the talented Claire Chapman. Look for chapters of the heartwarming true story Wednesdays with JMo by Jimmy P. Morgan, coming soon!

Topanga New Times is created with love and care by a small crew of dedicated journalists and writers. We’ve brought the same attention to detail and love of our material to NTR that is present in every issue of TNT. We hope you, dear reader, will enjoy listening! More NTR projects are in development, including original content that hasn’t appeared yet in print. We’re excited to finally launch NTR, the voice of Topanga New Times—Your Voice of the Mountains.

Ready, set, LAUNCH. Sign up for our newsletter and get the details.

Brian Chapman, our talented sound man and producer of New Times Radio, pictured here in his preferred environment
Suzanne Guldimann our tireless editor and source of inspiration.
Emmeline Summerton @LostCanyonsLA sporting her Topanga Canyon vibe
Jimmy Morgan with the irrepressible smile that masks deep things going on in that head of his
Claire Chapman, looking like she’s not about to leave without making her mark
Suzanne Guldimann running amok in her natural habitat. Couldn’t resist.

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