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Canyon Sages August Update 

Here we are in August, sometimes too hot, sometimes too humid. However, the Sages Room at the Community House is Air Conditioned and just right. So spend the summer with The Sages and join in on their fun offerings and activities. The TCC holds regular classes for body, heart and soul. Come share. The classes are Sages sponsored, but open to all. 

The Fall Class Calendar is open to new classes and ideas. If you have an interesting subject to share in a class, workshop or event that would benefit Sages, please reach out. 

Book Talk- Linda Ballou is offering authors’ talks every other month starting in September. If you have a Topanga author’s book to share, please let her know. Send submissions to

The “Topanga Gardener” talk by Sarah Priest was well attended with Hannah Wear also sharing her interesting story: native girl talks native plants. Sarah shared her love of Topanga natives, soil types, plus the unique Topanga conditions to consider when planning your Topanga garden. Local native plants are her favorite however she is open to helping cultivate ornamentals, fire protective or edible plants. Sarah may be back by popular demand to guide in planning Fall gardens. Do contact Sarah for help in your garden. “Create a beautiful garden and you will always live in one” Sarah tells us. Sarah Priest Estate Staging

(310) 455-3547 office

(310) 403-2503 cell

SAVE THE DATE FOR TOPANGA SAFETY DAY ON SEPTEMBER 9. Get prepared for fires and other emergencies at the Topanga Safety Day on Saturday, September 9 to be held at the Topanga Library. Sages will be there to provide a range of information and advice for staying safe geared especially for seniors living in Topanga.

SONG CIRCLE August 24-noon to 3pm

Sages now holds a monthly Sing-A-long/Song Circle the 4th Thursday of the month. 

Access. Remember access to transportation for seniors and disabled in Topanga is once again included in the Cityride Program. This program will allow Topanga seniors and disabled a reduced fare dial-a-ride trip, permitted taxicabs, and Dash rides. Sandra Perez from the County attended the June 2 Sages Dinner answering questions about using the Cityride services. Here is more information on the program.

Here is a list of our current offerings. For more information, check the Sages website at Scholarships are available for classes.


Sages Activities Calendar August 2023

Event                                                  Time                                                   Leader


Introduction to Ukulele                   11:30am-12:30pm   Sages Room              Melanie Kareem 

(Ongoing)                                                            [PF1]                                                                                                                                               

Learn Argentine Tango! Sundays   3:30 p.m.        Barbara Webb’s House       Barbara Webb                      

 Free                                                                  Next to Mountain Mermaid  RSVP 213-448-8330


New! Balance for seniors              10:00am- 11:00am    Sages Room                        Kat High


Introduction to Ukulele                   11:30am-12:30pm   Sages Room              Melanie Kareem 



Gentle Yoga                                   11:00am- 12:00pm   Sages Room                  Justine Lewis

No Gentle Yoga Classes during Summer. Class will return in Fall                                                                                                                                                                         



Yoga/ Chair yoga                    11:00 am-12:00 pm    Sages Room                      Lola Babalon


Meditation                                    3:30-5:00 pm        Zoom Calls                        Frank Harper

(Ongoing)                                                                                        Frank:

Book club                    2nd Thurs, 12pm-1:30pm       Sages Room                     Janice Harman


Singing Salon              4th Thurs, 12pm-2pm          Sages Room                      Linnea Richards



Sages Supper                         1st Friday, Oct-June    Main Room               Karen Dannenbaum

Resumes in October                                                                                          For computer help contact John Coffer at / (818) 325-5421

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