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Topanga Women’s Circle

Topanga Women’s Circle 

Thanks to support from the canyon, the Topanga Women’s Circle has been able to serve more homeless families and veterans than ever before. This year alone, they have created over 75 apartments for families formerly living on the streets, in shelters, cars or motels. The help and efforts of compassionate Topanga residents have contributed greatly to the TWC’s success. Your support and belief in our cause keep us going strong, and we cannot do it without you! 

A group of generous supporters has jump-started the annual Challenge Grant campaign with $15,000. Donations will be matched so every dollar given will have double the impact, ensuring that even small contributions go far in improving the lives of homeless families and veterans, giving them a fighting chance at a brighter, self-sufficient future.

TWC shares a touching story of one 7-year-old boy, truly illustrating the positive impact this organization is making on families.

When a recent family of 5 arrived at the Westwood Transitional Village, and their 7 year old son saw that not only did he have his own room, but also his own bed, he was speechless. No more sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag, or sitting up in a crowded car. He couldn’t stop grinning, and when he saw the books, toys and art supplies awaiting him on his own bed, he asked the case worker “ Is this really mine??” 

For over 12 years, The Topanga Women’s Circle has been bringing comfort and dignity to families transitioning out of homelessness. Working with two agencies, Westwood Transitional Village and Venice Community Housing, the TWC helps the neediest by furnishing sparse, bare bones apartments with the necessities most people take for granted. From new bedding and towels to a full cupboard and fridge, to books, toys, and toiletries, the TWC is lifting these families from the brink, with dignity, one room at a time. 

Community support is always needed to make these small miracles happen. The TWC is grateful for ANY support, and all donations go directly to the families served. Volunteers at the TWC Bin at Pine Tree Circle welcome your donations every Saturday (weather permitting) 9-10:30am. Please visit the TWC’s website for a full list of items that are accepted. New volunteers are welcome, and there are so many gratifying ways to help–from shopping, to setting up the apartments, to volunteering at the Saturday Donation Bin.

Please reach out to the Topanga Women’s Circle to get involved and help change the lives of families in need.

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