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Debi Derryberry: Gotta Go Green

Debi Derryberry: Gotta Go Green 

What is your favorite kind of berry? Blueberry? Blackberry? Strawberry? Mine is a Derryberry and I’ll tell you why. Debi Derryberry is a multitalented performance artist who has just released her 4th album for children entitled Gotta Go Green. 

Her TikTok page has 26.1 million likes and 1.2 million followers. After 30 years in the business (and counting) and over 400 credits to her name she’s doing something way right. If the voice of Jimmy Neutron can help you save the planet, then tune in and listen to some edutaining music from a consummate artist. 

Debi’s distinctive vocals are a magnet for young ears and my old ears appreciated the songs, production and messages too. Songs about electric cars, recycling and carbon footprints are presented in a new exciting style that will even have grandma dancing around the room. The “Gotta Go Green” theme song is an inspiring anthem for the next generations to carry the baton to a brighter and cleaner environment. Or we’ll be on Mars. If so, bring a copy of Gotta Go Green, so we don’t make the same mistakes. I’ll be your Huckleberry!

For those who would like to hear more about this talented artist, listen to John Wood and Dan Crow interview Derryberry on their Just Kiddin’ podcast for

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