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Energy Management
Work/Life Balance

Energy Management 

Ever feel like certain people or situations are like vampires, sucking the life right out of you? 

It’s possible that some people are really energy vampires and have that goal, but most of the time, it’s more about you having good, clear, solid boundaries that protect your energy and create a healthy distinction from any external environments you don’t want to ingest negativity from. So, this is about you taking personal responsibility for managing your energy—not complaining about what other people’s energies are like! 

When we take personal responsibility for taking care of our own energy, many things start to shift— in a really helpful, beautiful way. Managing your energy and setting boundaries isn’t just self-care—it can even mean survival. Let’s dive into how you can own your own power and thrive.

Energy Management on the Physical Level:  

Think of your energy as a smartphone battery. Some days, you’re at 100%, and other days, you’re in the red by noon. Here are some simple ways to keep that charge: 

1. Start your day with a routine that fuels you. Whether it’s a quick workout, a smoothie, or blasting your favorite tunes, find what makes you feel alive, and do it as soon as you wake up. For me personally, I know that sometimes I wake up feeling kinda down, and if I go straight into free-form writing or meditation or exercise, I am able to release some negative thoughts and feelings and the rest of my day is so much easier. 

2. Make smart food choices. Junk food might taste good, but it drags you down. Opt for foods that keep you light and energized. Think colorful veggies, lean proteins, and plenty of water. You wouldn’t pour soda into your gas tank, would you?

3. Take micro breaks. Sitting all day is a killer. Get up, stretch, take a walk around the block. These mini-breaks keep your energy up and your mind sharp.

Energy Management on the Emotional and Psychological Levels: 

If you’re experiencing feeling drained around certain people or situations, it’s time to set better boundaries for yourself. You are responsible for keeping yourself calm and centered. And just to really anchor this once again—who is responsible for managing your energy? You. Yes, you. No victim mindsets allowed here. 

Some tips for emotional and psychological energy management: 

1. Practice the art of saying “No, thank you.” It’s important to remember that saying “no” isn’t rude; it’s necessary. Stop agreeing to things that deplete you. If this feels challenging for you, you can start with phrases like, “Thank you so much for thinking of me, but I can’t commit to that right now” or “I hear that you’d like me to do _______, but I need to focus on my own priorities. I really appreciate you understanding my need to look after myself.”

2. Take a digital detox: Your phone can be a portal for energy-suckers. Set limits on how much time you spend scrolling or responding to messages. Some people even create tech-free zones, like their bedroom, to ensure they get quality rest. In addition to that, when it comes to social media, curate your environment there. It’s an easy place to only follow things that are inspiring and helpful, so be mindful of what you are ingesting here too. 

3. Identify the people and things that feel like energy vampires where you feel drained after being around them, or doing that particular activity. And identify the people and situations that feel inspiring and uplifting! Think of yourself like a plant that needs specific things to grow. Each plant is different. Know what works for you and surround yourself with more of what and who feels nourishing. 

Taking control of your energy and boundaries isn’t just about feeling good; it’s about owning your life. When you protect your energy, you’re more productive, happier, and way more fun to be around.

So, next time you feel depleted, remember: you’re in charge. Guard your energy like it’s the last piece of your favorite chocolate! You are worthy of having all the best and kindest things surrounding you. 

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