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Dining on Memories—A Matchbook Timetravel Tour 

“The past is a foreign country,” author L.P. Hartley famously wrote in his book The Go-Between. Perhaps that’s why we hold on to the postcards…

Living with Lizards 

I see him every day: busy hunting bugs among the potted plants on the patio, sunning himself on the warm bricks, regally perch atop a…

Pacific Palisades: Utopia by the Sea 

Pacific Palisades is celebrating its centennial this year. However, when the first Founders Day was celebrated on January 14, 1922, this area already had a…

Backyard Birds 

The mourning doves are nesting in the rain gutter outside the kitchen window this year. I hear the whistling sound their wings make every time…


Humboldt Lilies 

Humboldt lilies are one of the most spectacular wildflowers that grow in the Santa Monica Mountains. Early summer is the time to look for this increasingly rare wild lily. It usually only thrives in deep canyons along the sides of creeks and streams, but we know a certain Topanga garden where they grow right by the side of Topanga Canyon Blvd. Photo and video compilation by Suzanne Guldimann

Humboldt lilies. Photo by Suzanne Guldimann

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