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Spotlight on Women-Owned Business: Trudy Perry Fiber Art
Trudy Perry in her Rosewood studio. Photo by Rajeev Datt
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Spotlight on Women-Owned Business: Trudy Perry Fiber Art 

Trudy Perry in her Rosewood studio. Photo by Rajeev Datt

Trudy Perry is a fiber artist in Topanga who specializes in creating colorful, custom handwoven textiles and wall art. 

“I have always been interested in textiles and creating with my hands,” she says. “I studied fashion design at University, then I went on to spend time working in the fashion industry as a designer and had my own collection and store on Abbot Kinney. In 2015 I picked up a loom and taught myself to weave. It was a start to a beautiful creative journey.”

Trudy began making handwoven art pieces and showing them at artisanal markets and art shows. “People started asking me to teach them how to weave,” she says. “With pleasure, I started hosting workshops, some on my own and others through maker spaces. The joy of seeing people create, and working in the community is so satisfying.”

When the Pandemic hit, commissions for Trudy’s work hit an all time low, but she kept working, moving her classes to Zoom, and continuing to share her knowledge.   

“Not everyone wants to create through the computer and it’s hard to get yourself out there when you are in your own bubble,” she explains. “The good thing that came out of all this is I get to work in the most wonderful studio at Rosewood here in Topanga. I have been able to create new fiber artwork and pivot how I do my classes. I even added a new one.

A lovely display of Perry’s workshop materials on the community table at Rosewood. Photo by Trudy Perry
Workshop participants, Natasha, Jen, Riki Ann, Petra, Kelly and friends, enthusiastically display their textile creations. Photo by Trudy Perry

For Trudy, the Pandemic has become an opportunity to learn and grow as well as teach. 

“I recently hosted my first workshop at the beautiful Rosewood community table,” she says. “We were able to safely create gorgeous wall hangings, celebrate and have some fun learning something new. Connection is so important in my work and it felt good to connect again. My plan is to create every day, teach loom weaving and circular weaving and make gorgeous art for everyone to enjoy.”

If you are interested in creating a circular wall hanging with Trudy, her next workshop will be hosted by Moona Stars Collective, on March 27. To learn more, visit, or follow Trudy Perry on Instagram @trudyperrydesigns

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