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Everchanging Particles of Stardust
Work/Life Balance

Everchanging Particles of Stardust 

You are legendary. 

Epic, really. 

There is absolutely no one on this planet like you. Sure, maybe there are a few that resemble your physique or make similar choices, but there really isn’t anyone exactly like you. The building blocks of who you are, your actual DNA sequence, make you unlike any other. 

Please take a moment to re-member your inherent preciousness, and the preciousness of all of those around you. It is a proven scientific fact at this point, that we all originated from stardust. Many, many, many years ago, this planet was just being born of the space matter that surrounded it, and from that everything that you currently know has evolved to become what it now is—including you, and everything and everyone you know and love. An ancient part of you is, quite literally, made of living, breathing, moving star particles. 

Take that in for a few minutes. 

No matter what your beliefs are about how we all got here, I think we can all agree that everything continues to evolve every single moment. All we need to do is simply pay attention to nature to know that that is a fact of how things work here on this planet. You are constantly evolving too. Every day, you learn something new, which makes you a different person today than you were yesterday. And your neighbor and neighbor’s neighbor is also a different person today than they were yesterday. Every moment, every thing is constantly changing. 

Chew on that for a bit. 

As if that’s not enough to chew on, let’s talk about the concept of truth. Truth is not exempt from this constant evolutionary process. Humans once believed that the world was flat. That was accepted as a truth. That “truth” is now viewed as false. As a matter of fact, what is true for you today may be very different than what was once true for you. Think of all the things that you now see in a new way than you once did. What was true for you in that moment is different than what is true for you now. 

Digest that one. 

So, your truth keeps changing, and everyone else’s truth keeps changing. You keep changing. The planet keeps changing. Every single thing keeps changing. I believe it was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus that said, “The only constant in life is change.” 

I bring this seemingly obvious reminder to you because we don’t remember this often enough, and this is where the practice of true presence really becomes the best thing anyone can ever do. If we are continuously practicing presence, it is our best chance of experiencing as many precious moments as possible, because it will change. You will change. Other people will change. The climate. The political situation. The global situations. It is a cosmic law. The only thing you can do is keep evolving and keep practicing a beautiful state of incredible presence as you ride the way of continuous evolution. 

Presence is the only thing that truly allows you to hold the preciousness of the world, your cosmic stardust self, and the ancient stars in everyone else, even if it’s for just a few brief moments. So, take a few moments today and re-member how legendary it all is, and bring a little more love to everything and everyone. 

We’re all just pieces of glittered stardust floating in the infinite magnitude of time and space. 

I love you. 

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