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The Frequency of Love
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The Frequency of Love 

The word “love” is used a lot these days—I mean, a lot

It’s on posters, t-shirts, journals, walls… And personally, I love that love is everywhere, because everywhere is actually where Love exists, in my opinion. 

Beyond the current in-vogue marketing of the word being slammed on pretty much anything just to sell products, I have decided to have my own experience when I see the word love throughout our culture. 

You see, to me, love is a frequency. It’s not about a person you adore or an idol you follow. Love is a frequency in the universe that we can tune into. I’m talking about a literal frequency—but far, far superior to the one coming out of your microwave (tiny waves of energy that are zapping your food). 

I didn’t believe this until I was in a yoga teacher training class many years ago. There was a special lecture on gongs and they kept talking about the different frequencies of the gongs and would hit various gongs that had different frequencies, etc. I wasn’t that into gongs, so I must admit I wasn’t being the most attentive student. And then, all of a sudden, a specific gong was tapped by one of the teachers, and without having any clue what was happening to me, my body just seemed to explode in tears. I didn’t know what was happening, except that I felt a profound energy current move through my system and I simultaneously felt all the pain and all the joy in my body all at once. I was so shaken by this unexpected experience that I had to walk out of the room and go outside and put my feet on the earth. I found out later that that particular gong was the love frequency. From that moment on, I knew the importance of sound. 

Many scientists believe that the world we are now experiencing came into being from an original burst of sound current vibrating through the universe. I know we’ve all got our different belief systems about how we got here, etc. and I’m not here to debate anyone’s beliefs, but I will ask you to entertain this idea:  that sound and light are vibrations of energy, and those vibrations have the ability to create things. I think we can all agree with that. 

Dr. David Hawkins, PhD, author of Power vs. Force and Letting Go, among other amazing books, created this now famous chart of the frequency of emotions. In his chart, he has attributed a numerical scale (which makes it a little easier for us simple humans to grasp) to our most common emotions. Renowned cell biologist turned quantum teacher, Bruce Lipton shares in his latest book, The Honeymoon Effect, about how we can actually feel “good vibes” or “bad vibes” from another person on a cellular level in our bodies. On a completely tangible and literal level, it’s all energy. It’s all energy vibrating in a certain pattern, at a certain frequency.  

I share my mini science lesson here to demonstrate that indeed love, and all the other emotions, are frequencies we can tune into. Part of the quantum manifestation work touted by thought leaders like Lipton and Joe Dispenza and the like, often encourage people to tune in to these higher frequencies of peace, joy, and gratitude when working on creating positive change in their lives. And it works! 

Why does it work? How does it work? It works because we live in this crazy holographic universe where everything is a reflection of us. A super simplified explanation of how quantum physics works is that, at the subatomic level, these particles go in and out of existence (literally, they disappear and reappear) until we (the observer) send it an energetic signature of potential creation. Basically, it’s being proven that our thoughts and feelings bring things into existence. Think this sounds crazy? Read the science behind it in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dispenza or in The Biology of Belief by Lipton and decide for yourself. 

Ever notice that when you’re feeling really happy, things just seem to flow, and when you’re having a bad day, it just keeps being bad? Same thing. Now you have (my amateur) scientific explanation behind it. 

So, back to seeing the word love all over the place—I know it’s actually often a marketing ploy because the word happens to be in fashion at the moment, but I like to uplevel my reality on a regular basis because I do believe that the energy that emanates from me is reflected back to me. 

I use this as an opportunity to play a little game that you may want to also try. Whenever I see the words love, joy, peace (anything that has a high vibratory frequency), I do my best to conjure those feelings inside myself, creating that particular vibratory frequency inside my body, and filling my cells with this. Then, I just do my best to stay in that elevated emotion as long as I can. When I feel it fully in my body, I then send it out to whomever or whatever is around me. Then, I remain unattached to the outcome, but become an astute observer of what starts happening around me, in essence, what is getting reflected back to me. 

Give it a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful things that start happening in your world. I’d love to know how the love frequency experiment goes for you!  Feel free to send me an email at

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