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Sophie Kipner Solo Exhibition at Arushi Gallery
Sophie Kipner poses with one of her pieces. Photo by Saori Wall

Sophie Kipner Solo Exhibition at Arushi Gallery 

Arushi Gallery is pleased to present “Wish You Were Here,” the gallery’s first solo exhibition by the artist, Sophie Kipner. This presentation of recent artworks illustrates Sophie’s personal narrative through iconic, nostalgic and unfamiliar circumstances. Taking its title from the artist’s desire to transport the viewer to a different world, the artworks serve as vacation postcards from her fantasies.

In her practice, Sophie primarily utilizes the blind contouring technique to create figures and scenes in her own recognizable style. Exploring the boundaries of form, identity, play, and body language, the artist explores the theme of her own evolving identity by placing subtle, abstract self portraits in many of the works as well as highlighting the myriad forms we take depending on place and surrounding.

“Wish You Were Here” will be on view from May 26th, 2022, through July 1st, 2022, by appointment only, Monday-Friday from 11am to 4pm. For more information: or call (424) 542-4613. Arushi Gallery, 1243 W Temple St., LA

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