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WiLD CiTY—An Immersive Outdoor Workshop Series

WiLD CiTY—An Immersive Outdoor Workshop Series 

Your local Resource Conservation District (RCD) is excited to welcome you to WiLD CiTY, a series of immersive outdoor workshops that will guide participants through some of LA’s most scenic and unexplored wildspaces, led by experienced and impassioned professionals from various disciplines! With the help of these skillful leaders and fellow engaged community members, WiLD CiTY will help you see LA through a whole new, wild lens.

During the upcoming workshop on August 12th from 9am-11am, creative professionals Amy Stewart and Ashley Meier will guide participants through natural-based and sustainable crafts including paper-making and plant-based fabric dyeing. Experienced naturalists will also lead a short hike through Will Rogers State Historical Park to explore the types of plants that could be used in these nature-based practices.

Participants will walk away from the workshop with their own handmade paper ingrained with local flowers and plants, as well as bandanas dyed with sage and elderberry. Each of the workshops have also included an optional opportunity to further engage with fellow workshop participants and leaders at a nearby venue following the day’s events. To find out more, book your adventure via  

A little more on the talented professionals leading this upcoming workshop… 

Amy Stewart is both a plant dyer and lover of eco-printing, knitting, and wet felting. She enjoys sharing how nature’s plants and flowers yield gorgeous colors while making beautiful hand-crafted items! She has over 25 years of classroom teaching experience in LAUSD and is now retired. In addition, she holds a Waldorf Practical Arts Training certificate (WPAT). 

Ashley Meier is a local artist whose creativity is deeply rooted in the captivating wonders of the Earth. Whether that be through paper making, fiber arts, painting, or soap making, Ashley’s passion for the environment is evident in every piece she creates. With a background in environmental work, Ashley’s art goes beyond aesthetics, it serves as a gentle reminder to embrace sustainability, protect our natural resources, and be mindful of our impact on the Earth. Ashley is also the owner and creator of Golden Terra Co & runs her own sustainable street fair, The Afterglow Makers Market. Follow the links to learn more! 
Past workshops have fostered an incredible community of passionate and thoughtful explorers and RCD hopes to continue growing this impressive group. Enjoy the outdoors while engaging in science, creative arts, physical activity and more through WiLD CiTY! FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit

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