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“Believe me my young friend, there is nothing—absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” —Kenneth Grahame, The Wind...
A Whale of a Tail 
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The Malibu Movie Colony 
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That Bird is Blue! 
As long as there are bluebirds, there will be miracles and a way to find happiness.– Shirl Brunnel, I Hear Bluebirds, 1984 Why are blue-colored...
Tested by Fire

Tested by Fire 

November 8 Marks the fifth anniversary of the Woolsey Fire, but November of this year also brings the 30th anniversary of the Old Topanga Fire and the 75th anniversary of the Topanga Fire. Those were big fires that impacted tens of thousands of lives, but there have been many more wildfires that were smaller but still impactful. 

Wildfire impacts the lives of everyone who lives in the WUI—the wildland-urban interface. We invite all of our readers to share their experiences with wildfire: memories, photos, accounts of evacuating or making the choice to stay behind, thoughts, feelings, artwork, poetry, or the measures you’ve taken to help make your home and your neighborhood more fire safe and resilient. Together, we can help raise awareness, preserve memories, and maybe even help prevent another 2018, 1993, or 1938, by reminding everyone of what’s at stake during peak fire season. All submissions are due by October 20. Email us at

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